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At Waist Busters our Dietitians help individuals improve and/or manage their health and wellbeing through empowering and educating members to make long-term lifestyle change.

Make Sustainable Changes with Simple, Evidence-Based Recommendations

Waist Busters was developed to help everyday Australians make simple, sustainable lifestyle changes. Our Waist Busters program is evidence-based and delivered by Accredited Dietitians to help our members improve their health and wellbeing for the long term.

Improve Vitality, Energy, Confidence and Lose Weight

Waist Busters was developed based on evidence-based guidelines. Our Dietitians work with our members to create sustainable lifestyle change to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Mindset. Movement.
Nourishment. Accountability.

At Waist Busters we focus on four interrelated components that work together to improve and maintain health and wellbeing. These four components include: mindset, nourishment, movement and accountability.

Why Waist Busters is Different?

At Waist Busters we are not a “one-size-fits-all” program. We understand everyone is different and that no two lifestyles and bodies are the same. Our Dietitians are qualified Health Coaches and work closely with our members to develop long term habit change. We never dictate to our clients, or put them on strict exercise regimes or restrictive diets. But rather, we help our clients find a lifestyle that works for them, including movement they enjoy and their favourite foods, all while achieving their health goals.

Throughout our six month program you will be empowered and educated on evidence-based guidelines as to how to manage and improve your health and wellbeing. Your Dietitian will motivate, educate and keep you accountable throughout the program to help ensure you achieve your health goals.

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I have spent my whole life struggling with my weight and food, but here I have learnt a better relationship with food, I now have all the tools to change my lifestyle for a better healtier me. I understand food better and appreciate the connection exercise has to a better me….

…I would recomend this programme to any one who wants to make a new better life style for themselves.” – Laura

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